Portable & Compact

Our boards can be placed on walls or on stands and used inside or out, now children can be active no matter the weather!

Easy to Use

Simple to use and with easy to understand games, ActivAll is suitable for people of all ages and abilities

Fully Inclusive

Enables people with and without disabilities to benefit from a full body workout.

Huge Fitness Benefits

Unique programs engage multiple muscle groups; enhance core, upper and lower body strength and endurance.


Challenge yourself or others to beat your top score. Motivates you to try harder, pushing yourself that little bit further.

Combining movement, action, coordination, problem-solving and pure fun, ActivAll, is the fantastic hi-impact reaction wall from Anomaly designed, built-in and distributed from the United Kingdom. Originally designed by a motivational fitness engineer, the ActivAll range is acknowledged as a unique inclusive fitness tool, giving everyone access to exercise regardless of ability, age, or fitness. ActivAll has achieved the Inclusive Fitness Initiative accreditation for addressing inequality in physical activity.


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Paralympic champion Rachel Morris (MBE)

On the 4th July 2019, ActivAll took part in the sixth annual Surrey Para Games after being invited by Paralympic champion Rachel Morris (MBE).   The aim of the games is to encourage the inclusion of all children in school sports, no matter what their mental and physical ability.

Andy Mitchell - Primary School PE Lead

ActivAll visited Pleasant Street Primary School in Liverpool, PE Lead – Andy Mitchell loved the increased fitness of the children due in playtimes and the children got more involved and participated in team work which is a great benefit to everyone in the school.

SEN School - Headteacher

Queensbury School in Essex is the first school in Essex to have ActivAll within the school. Headteacher Chris Wilson has already seen a big difference in the personal development of the students at Queensbury.