Keep moving with ActivAll?

The ActivAll challenges both mental and physical function, making it extremely popular with older adults. Stimulating a wide range of movements, users will quickly see improvements in balance, hand-eye coordination, strength, flexibility, and visual awareness, all of which impact their ability to live an active, falls-free, and self-sufficient life.

Regular exercise has been shown to slow the onset of Alzheimer’s and to alleviate Parkinson’s. The ActivAll has a range of game programs with clearly spoken instructions, including several designed specifically for users with cognitive and memory impairments.

Game play challenges users' physical and cognitive abilities.

Motivates users to exercise more often and for longer.

Specialised games challenge users' cognitive abilities in a fun way.

In a communal setting, the ActivAll brings users together

ActivAll Residential Centre Case Study

Here we see how ActivAll helped the residents at the Ernest Kleinwort Court Residential Centre.

Activall is installed for the residents in a Care Centre

ActivAll was installed for the residents at the Vitalia Ferraz Day Care Centre in Madrid, Spain. Providing a fun, inclusive activity to improve fitness, mental health & coordination.

ActivAll - Orthopaedic Centre Case Study

ActivAll is installed at Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre. This Centre treats patients with bone and joint problems and has a world-wide reputation for excellence in orthopaedics, rheumatology and rehabilitation. They use the Activall equipment to give children the confidence, strength, and stamina to get back to their previous level of fitness.

The wall is a great innovation to work and stimulate both physical and cognitive areas. It’s generated great interest, facilitating physical therapies as well as the interrelation between users.

Alexandra Torres

Programme Manager, Hoffmann Group
I look for the lights and don’t look for support, it’s developing a part of the anatomy that used to work and isn’t being worked at the moment – which is great for my balance and confidence.


Resident, Inspired Villages