What is ActivAll?

ActivAll is the high-impact reaction wall, designed for fitness, health, and fun! Combining movement, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving into a cardio workout. ActivAll is acknowledged as a unique inclusive fitness tool, giving everyone access to exercise regardless of ability, age, or fitness. 

Tackles obesity and improves fitness

Strengthens cognitive skills and improves mental health

Develops communication and team work

Records improvements

The installation of ActivAll at Bristnall Hall Academy has allowed our students to access fun activities which support their physical and mental well-being. The initial launch of ActivAll resources at our academy focused on the use of this opportunity as a reward for students and this is now developing into more regular usage so even more students can benefit. ActivAll has be a huge success at Bristnall Hall, so much that our staff now can’t wait to get involved too!

Mr Kully Uppal, Principal

Bristnall Hall Academy, Oldbury
We are a 2-19 Special School based in Warwickshire. We have two Activall Boards in our new Regulation room at school.

The Regulation room has a range of equipment used by small groups of learners and also learners on a 1:1 basis, to aid regulation at intervals during the day.

The Activall boards have proved a real hit with all the learners, ranging from Nursery to Upper School learners.

The room is open each morning for regulation slots for small groups and the rest of the day as a 1:1 intervention for other learners, needing this to regulate so they can carry on with their daily activities.

The learners love using the boards with their hands, some use their feet and others love to wear the boxing gloves or use the balls. Lots love to compete against each other, or compete with themself to beat their previous score. For lots of learners it is a great way for them to improve their upper body strength, their core stability and crossing the midline of their body.

The Activall boards have really added something fun around regulation for all of our learners.

Claire Rhodes, HLTA: Sensory

Brooke School, Rugby

ActivAll at Rivington and Blackrod Secondary School for National School Sports Week!

The pupils at Rivington and Blackrod incorporate ActivAll boards into PE lessons, improving their fitness while developing their communication and team work skills! 

Headteacher, Chris Wilson, at Queensbury School has seen a big difference in behaviour

Queensbury School, a special school for students aged 11 to 19, have used ActivAll as a tool for fitness, wellbeing and personal development. 

The Year 6 leavers at St Joseph’s School become ActivAll Experts

Nominate pupils to be “ActivAll Experts” who support their peers and arrange ActivAll tournaments. A great way to encourage teamwork, easing the transition to Year 7. 

Lets see what the teachers and children have to say?

In a recent survey, we asked our schools to give feedback about their experience with the ActivAll boards. We’ve had an amazing response!

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